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merino wool

  • Merino wool fabric is a great thermal insulator, so when it gets cold, clothes made of the material will keep you warm, and in warm environment you won’t feel too hot.
  • Wool wicks moisture away from your body and keeps you warm even when it gets damp.
  • Its exceptionally thin fibers can be woven into soft and breathable fabrics. This is why merino wool clothes won’t let your body overheat. This is particularly important for very young children, who don’t yet have the ability to communicate such discomfort, even though overheating is as distressing for them as it is for adults.
  • Thanks to very long fibers, our fabrics are particularly soft and nice to the touch, they are not itchy and don’t irritate skin.
  • Merino fibers react with oxygen. This means that merino wool can be effectively refreshed just by airing it, and so it doesn’t need to be washed frequently.
  • The cuticular structure of these fibers facilitates self-cleaning processes and makes it more difficult for bacteria to grow and cause unpleasant smell.
  • Merino wool is non-combustible.


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